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A Thermal POS Printer is a type of printer that uses a heated thermal printhead pressed against a medium to produce black text or images. The heated printhead either activates special chemically treated paper (called thermal paper) or transfers solid ink from a ribbon and bonds it to the medium, depending on the type of thermal printer. They are commonly used in producing labels, receipts, barcodes, ID badges and many more applications across a vast number of industries.  To understand how a thermal printer works, you first need to understand there are two types of thermal printing methods: thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing.


Direct Thermal Printing


There is no ribbon, ink or toner involved with direct thermal printing. Instead, the printhead applies pressure and heat directly onto the surface of heat-sensitive thermal paper. The thermal paper reacts to the heat of the printhead, blackening when heated and producing an image or text. Maintenance costs for direct thermal printers are low compared to other types of printers due to the fact no ink or toner is needed. One drawback, though, as mentioned above, is that your printed items may be prone to fading over time since thermal paper is particularly sensitive to heat and light. You may notice old receipts you have fade over time due to being printed on thermal paper. Additionally, you are only able to print in one color at a time when using this type of thermal printer, as the printing material itself is what determines the color.


Thermal POS Printer  are used in a vast number of applications since they are energy-efficient, fast and portable. Here are some uses among many across different industries:

* Logistics and Transportation: shipping, receiving, inventory management, packing slips, return labels
* Manufacturing: labels for compliance, maintenance or parts management, quality assurance, progress tracking
* Healthcare: patient identification wristbands, lab or pharmacy sample labels, asset management
* Retail and Hospitality: price tags, POS or mobile POS receipts, guest cards or passes, ID badges, inventory management
* Government: supply chain labels, emergency management, ID badges, system administration


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