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Deli E14952 Handheld Barcode Scanner

Key Features:

Model: E14952
Input voltage: DC5V± 0.5V
Data line length: 1.8m
Connectivity: Wired
Color: Black

Deli E14952 Handheld Barcode Scanner Price In Bangladesh | Retail Solution

Deli E14952 Handheld Barcode Scanner comes with one-dimensional code & two-dimension. It is featured with DC5V± 0.5V Input voltage and wired connectivity with 1.8m Data line length. This new Deli E14952 Handheld Barcode Scanner has 01 year warranty.

Deli E14952 Handheld Barcode Scanner Price In Bangladesh | Retail Solution


Deli E14952 Barcode scanner is made in Chaina.  The interface type is usb. The model number is Deli E14952. The scan breadth is a4. If you are looking for barcode scanner, the brand of hbapos is your good choice. The optical resolution is 600*600. The scan speed is 200 scans/second. The type of barcode scanner is flatbed scanner. The scan element type is cmos. The certification is ce.

Barcode scanner for easy use, convenient to operate, and practical. This barcode reader is suitable for the measurement of various types of printers, copiers and so on. This is an automatic scanning reader, which can automatically detect and display the data of various forms. Barcode and lcd display, it can be easy to use, convenient for you to observe the condition of the object. This scanner can automatically recognize the device and detect it to help you know when it’s in a safe distance. Compact and portable, easy to operate, suitable for home use on desktops. The user can set the time to automatically start the data. Support for online teaching and local use of the lcd display screen, the product can be clearly displayed in real time, suitable for supermarket and bar code.

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