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Retail Solution, a Bangladeshi company focused on innovation and quality, experienced in retail industry since 2012. Retail Solution started connecting people through innovative POS equipment and many industry milestones, including the POS Terminal, Barcode Scanner, POS printer, POS terminal, Anti-Shoplifting, Weight Scale, Membership Card/ Loyalty Card/ Privilege Card & POS accessories like Thermal POS roll, Barcode Label Sticker, Barcode Ribbon, Weight Scale Label Sticker, RF & AM Soft Tag, RF & AM Hard Tag, RFID Card, RFID Tag etc. much more point of sale (POS) solutions.

Since beginnings, we’ve expanded our expertise and reach all over the country. We do focus on how our customers connect and interact with the digital era for each of our product offerings. We keep striving to provide unique and meaningful experiences.

Retail Solution’s dedication to our customers is considered one of the best in the industry. We truly and honestly aim to make point-of-sale systems easier to use, which is why we stand behind any product we sell. Retail Solution exists to push and recreate the way people do retail business.

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